14 March 2018


The Hearings which were postponed due to the bad weather in Batley have been rescheduled for Thursday 22nd March and Friday 23 March and are being held at Dewsbury Town Hall.

The agendas for the Hearings on 22nd and 23rd March can be found in the Examination Library under EH22 and EH23.

Details can be found on the current programme.


6 March 2018


The Programme for the Hearings has just been updated (4 March). This includes some of the rescheduled Hearings and Matters 40-45 which will be heard w/c MONDAY 12th March. The remaining Matters to be heard will be rearranged as soon as possible and all participants will be emailed once this has been arranged.


Agendas for Matters 40 – 45

Document submitted to the Hearings by Morley Town Council – This can be found under Section 13 of the Examination Library under ID18

Proposal by the Church Commissioners for the Allocation of Land at Chidswell near Dewsbury, West Yorkshire for Mixed Residential and Employment Uses. Site at Chidswell, North of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Highways Objection on behalf of Morley Town Council


28 February – update on Hearings

The Hearings for Thursday 1st March have been postponed. Details of when they will be rescheduled will be posted as soon as possible.

The Hearings for Friday 2nd March are still being held at the moment but this is dependent on the weather. This page will be updated around midday on Thursday 1st March with further details.


28 February 2018 **IMPORTANT**


The Hearings for this afternoon (28 February) have been postponed. I will reschedule these and update the programme as soon as possible.

I will update this page regarding the rest of programme for this week later today so please keep check it regularly.